Fides Improves Usability and Enhances Capability for ALL Multi-Banking Platforms

Whether your company manages multi-banking through an ERP, a TMS, or through direct connections, Fides will expand and enhance your current capabilities. Through our network of more than 10,000 banks, we can connect you through your current platform–or via our applications–to manage payments, reporting, cash pooling, and more. No matter how many accounts you manage, and no matter how you prefer to connect, Fides makes your multi-banking experience better.


Fides has built a global partner network that includes ALL major ERP providers. Designed to complement the ERP treasury module, Fides can make the experience faster, smoother and easier for treasury users globally:

  • Easily integrate Fides’ Account Reporting System (ARS) with your ERP; enjoy quick and easy viewing of liquidity and account statements
  • Enable automated access for Electronic File Transfer (EFT) through your ERP
  • One connection only (e.g. SFTP) – for feeding data to and receiving from your ERP

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  • Manage
  • Connect
  • Enrich
  • Communicate
  • Reconcile
  • System Requirements


Integrating Fides with your ERP provides you with a simple and flexible way to manage your banking relationships.  Our automated administration capabilities make it easy to set-up new banks, add new bank accounts, and messaging formats.



Clients may connect through SWIFT, EBICS, Host-to-Host (H2H), other channels, or any combination thereof using our proprietary Hybrid Model which helps you overcome the gaps in SCORE readiness of your banks. Committed to delivering custom solutions that fit your specific and unique requirements, Fides will recommend, establish, and maintain the most effective multi-banking connectivity configuration for your organization.



Fides ERP integration services provides clients with the ability to enrich, secure, and standardize their communications and payment activities through sophisticated data validation processes, sanction filtering capabilities, and conversion services that ensure the security of payments and transaction as well as the accuracy and compliance of a client’s financial messages.



With Fides’ ERP integration, you can economize and simplify your entire multi-bank messaging management and payment execution operations.  As the leader in transaction communications and multi-bank connections, Fides can support payment formats and networks, such as SWIFT FIN (e.g. MT101), FileAct, NACHA, FEDWIRE, Bacs, EDI820, AFB and ISO 20022 (pain.001/002/008) for SEPA. Should a client require anything country specific, Fides can implement the format quickly, securely, and economically.

All payments, whether bulk or single can be centrally managed and executed thereby reducing process risks and bank costs.



By aggregating and standardizing multi-bank account and transaction communications into a standard format and the transmitted account statements are verified.  Clients gain centralized and comprehensive visibility into global account and transaction data economically, efficiently, and securely.

Data is provided in the format that you prefer (e.g. MT940/42, BAI, AFB120). The validated and standardized data is sent to you via the channel of your choice (e.g. SFTP) so that you can confidently reconcile your statements and transactions quickly and easily.


System Requirements

Our setup is flexible, scalable and perfect to feed any ERP in the market through one connection only. If you happen to have no such system in place or you have remote treasury teams without ERP access, you can still achieve control and visibility into your bank account management through our web based solutions ARS Web and EFT Web.



Leverage your TMS investment, and enhance your multi-banking experience. Integrate Fides to make your TMS faster, easier to use, and more insightful. We’ve built a global partner network that includes ALL major TMS providers.

  • Improve your TMS’ data integration and security, statement aggregation, connectivity, file transfers, and more with Fides’ Account Reporting Solutions
  • Centrally manage all payments, both bulk and individual, through your TMS with our Electronic File Transfer (EFT) solutions
  • Consolidate bi-directional transaction data and communication through a secure single (SFTP) connection.

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    Fides Web Platforms

    By maintaining the largest banking network in the industry, Fides helps companies of all sizes gain visibility into their global cash positions and execute transactions easily, securely and cost-efficiently, with every bank worldwide.

    Designed to cater to each client’s unique internal IT policies and preferences, both the Account Reporting Solution (ARS) and the Electronic File Transfer (EFT) product can be integrated with your ERP, TMS, or accounting platform.  The products may also be used standalone and accessed through Fides’ secure web-portals.



    • Account Reporting Solution (ARS)
    • Electronic File Transfer (EFT)

    Account Reporting Solution (ARS)

    With ARS, bank account information and transaction data from all bank counterparts are captured, formatted, validated, and delivered via client’s choice of a single repository for multi-bank analysis.


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    Electronic File Transfer (EFT)

    Supporting the entire lifecycle of the payment workflow, EFT ensures compatibility with your bank’s file formatting requirements.  Payments of all formats are intelligently and efficiently validated and executed through the optimal channel to global bank partners, assuring maximum security.


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